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Jul 1, 2018

In this episode, Seth Abelson talks with Devi Adea, the founder of Podcast on Purpose and charismatic Spiritual Entrepreneur about her journey into entrepreneurship and how she came to the realization of her intuitions. 

Devi Adea is the host of the popular Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast and is the creator of the Podcast on Purpose Online Academy. Devi brings a unique mix of spiritual entrepreneur, creative, techie geek, business strategist, intuitive, yogi, connector, facilitator, communicator, and coaching genius inside of a single 6-foot tall package.  She uses this unique mix of talents to inspire and guide you in experiencing true fulfillment in life by aligning your personal mission, message, and unique mix of gifts with a successful business and values-based lifestyle.  If you are wanting to create something that you desire deeply in your heart or to express your soul’s voice and leave an uplifting imprint on the world in service to humanity, Devi is here to help you.